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We have long-term relationships with our clients. That is because we ensure the integrity of our work with website maintenance and support. And, each site is custom-made -- no two are alike!

Submental Fullness

Medical Website Development

Submental Fullness is an educational website we created for a $800M publicly-traded biopharmaceutical company. We work with doctors, hospitals, as well as large-scale global healthcare organizations.

Central Coast Orthopedics

Medical Website Development

Central Coast wanted a WordPress site so they could manage updates themselves, as well as a nifty doctor sorter and lots of pages of Patient Education, which we were able to provide by breaking the content out of our medical animations. We can do the same for you!

Southern California Orthopedic Institute

Medical Website Development

SCOI desired a quick-loading website to showcase their original and expansive patient education content. Small use of animated elements enhance the modern look, allowing ease of navigation through many pages content, without overhelming.

Good Samaritan Hospital

Medical Website Development

Good Samaritan Hospital asked HealthPresence to utilize their color scheme to create a site that packs a large amount of content into an easily navigable web presence.

HandSport Surgery Institute

Medical Website Development

Dr Pruzansky, one of Manhattan's premier hand surgeons, wrote extensive patient education articles and wanted them well-organized for easy access. We customized WordPress templates to match the design he gave us.

Columbia Neurosurgical

Medical Website Development

Columbia needed a complete website makeover to improve their site's graphic design, readability and menu structure. See the difference we made for them on our Website Makeover Before and Afters page.

Mini Pharmacy

Medical Website Development

Mini Pharmacy provides free shipping of diabetic supplies and other prescription needs. HealthPresence gave their site a complete makeover, including e-commerce and search engine optimization & marketing.

Midlands Orthopaedics

Medical Website Development

Midlands Orthopaedics needed a makeover of their dated site to make the site look modern without being too cold, and also be easy to read as well as navigate. Our artists and programmers gave them just that!

Independent Fitness Consultants

Medical Website Development

The personal trainers at IFC wanted a site that showcased their facility and fitness program without seeming imposing or intimidating. The style and energy of the site closely matches that of the client.

At HealthPresence, we pride ourselves on originality and timeliness. We aim to provide superior service at affordable rates. The long and short of it is, we take care of our customers and we will take care of you. Contact us for a free pricing guide and client references.